The Pressure of New Year’s Eve and The New Year. Enough already!

Oh the pressure of the new year. First, there is New Year’s Eve. An evening glamorized on television and in movies as the night of the year where glitter falls from the sky, women wear fabulous dresses, champagne glasses clink, and everything is doe eyed with happiness shooting out of their ears.

In my reality, I spend the 2 weeks up to the doomed night discussing in length plans with friends that will undoubtedly fall apart or turn out to be utterly disappointing.  I listen to my friends ask other friends what are they doing with a sense of urgency that makes one feel like we all have ticking time bombs over our heads. They mention this party or that party, and there is the decision of whether or not to pay $20 to walk inside a bar where you can’t have a conversation, walk more than a foot in front of you without getting elbowed in the face, or even intake oxygen, god forbid. And then midnight rolls around and you realize you are in line for the bathroom with strangers or randomly in a parking lot or stuck between couples ferociously performing CPR. And you think, I bought this unnecessarily sparkly ensemble  and sacrificed precious sleep and sanity needed for work tomorrow for this?

Really, the only redeeming, consistently satisfying part of New Year’s Eve is The Twilight Zone Marathon on SciFi. No stress. No $ or dignity lost. Just Rod Serling weaving me supernatural webs of intrigue with his calming voice and great 1950s “special” effects.

This New Year’s Eve, I will be going to Orange Beach with some awesome people. The best part about this New Year’s Eve is telling everyone that I am going to Orange Beach with some awesome people. And possibly taking a slip and slide into the Gulf at midnight.

In addition to the New Years Eve anxiety, there’s this intense need to make dum dum dum RESOLUTIONS. I remember working at a gym this time last year. I saw many people’s resolutions quickly turn to cancellation forms within a month’s time. Funny how losing weight, exercising, being productive, etc.  slip through the cracks as we fall back into our regular patterns each year only to find another Christmas where we are frazzled and disappointed with ourselves.

There’s something about making resolutions that empowers me. After all, a literal resolution I made in the year 2000: “Always lock door when in bathroom” should tell you something about how I feel about them.

2013 is a particularly big year for me. It will be the year I graduate with a Master’s degree and am expected to find employment and fulfillment  There’s a lot of pressure on myself to land a job. And the bank who gave me my student loan.

I have to decide where i want to live, what I want to do. I would like to think that the world is waiting for me with open arms but I have a feeling the world is looking at me saying, “Figure it out yourself, sister!” I dont want to just move back in with my parents for another year of aimless wandering. I’m ready to start doing! But where! But how!

Anyway. Until then. Here are a few small resolutions that certainly I can keep, right? *playful wink*

1. Less Facebook stalking. PLEASEEEE.

2. Be Productive. See #1

3. Exercise at least 3 times a week. I’m serious about this self. You don’t want your grandmother calling you “rubenesque” again. EVER.


5. Write Write Write Write.

6. Find a job!

7. Remind yourself you have come along way from this cute thang:Image

Happy New Year everyone!!! From my mushroom head to your normal head of hair.


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